About the Sip Tripper

Charlene Peters is a travel writer who has lived in Paris for a year, Napa Valley for 6 years, and is a longtime North Shore of Boston resident. Beach walks and reviewing wines are part of her regular routine. Charlene pens stories on luxury travel, wine, wellness and food and has been doing so since 2004. She is WSET Level 2 certified, occasionally serves as a wine judge, and has won awards while working as a special features editor for a large newspaper company for almost a decade. Until 2021, she penned a long-running syndicated column, Taste of Travel, focusing on destinations around the world and recipes/wines indigenous to the area. When the syndication platform closed, she published her first book, “Travel Makes Me Hungry: Tales of tastes & indigenous recipes to share,” available on Amazon.

Her blog, Sip Tripper, is where she pours her shared stories on wine reviews, winemaker profiles and wine destination articles from around the world. You can read more about wine and wine destinations on Charlene’s Apple News channel: Sip Tripper

Her website: www.Spavalous.com, is where you can read all about her adventures visiting spa destinations around the world, as well as hotel profiles.

Follow the Sip Tripper on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/spavalous, Twitter @siptripper and Instagram: @spavalous

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