Happy 50th to Gallo Family Vineyard wines

What better way to celebrate Gallo’s 50th anniversary than with its throwback Hearty Burgundy signature wine, best served with friends coincidentally named Gallo during their Fourth of July cookout. Well, that’s when I opened this bottle of Gallo Family Vineyards Hearty Burgundy, and it was shared throughout in toasts and in celebration.

Two grapes were used in making this wine: petite sirah and zinfandel, remain in the contemporary blend. But over the past 5 decades, the blend has been fine-tuned with petit verdot and alicante bouschet — all California grapes in this large bottle that costs a mere $9, and tastes, well, actually pretty darn good.

Dark berries and plum flavors of this wine pair well with Italian meats and hard cheeses — or anything hearty. This is a wine to celebrate in the spirit of Gallo! 

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