Argentine table wines

I love malbec wines of Argentina, and that’s a fact. Here are two worthy of grabbing next time you’re in a wine shop:

2012 Alamos Malbec

A classic Argentine wine, this malbec is made using malbec grapes blended with a small percentage of syrah and bonarda grapes. For this particular vintage, the growing season lowered the yields for malbec grapes — blame it on the zondas (strong winds) and frost. Deep dark berry flavors come through in this wine with hints of baking spice and vanilla. What you’ll get from the best of the Mendoza area is a wine with strong tannins and a long finish. $13 suggested retail price


2012 Alamos Red Blend

You can drink this wine without a culinary pairing, that’s how good it is. Priced at $13, this is a bottle that gives in taste, texture and aroma. Primarily using Argentine’s signature grape, malbec, this blend also has some bonarda, tempranillo and syrah. Perhaps it’s the tempranillo that makes this wine so special. While it has all that the malbec described above boasts, it’s that Spanish grape that sets it apart from the rest.

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