Las Rocas: one Rose, one Garnacha



I’ve been a fan of Las Rocas wines for a long time, so when I received a few bottles, I could hardly wait to open them.

So I did.

The first one was a bottle of 2013 Las Rocas Rose ($14), which brought immediate thoughts of candy to mind. If you like candy and wine, you’ll love this rose. I wasn’t a huge fan and felt that with each sip I was drinking cotton candy. I love rose wines, but this one was a bit candy-rich for my palate.

Next, I opened a bottle of 2011 Garnacha ($14) and I have to say, this wine was quite enjoyable. Surrounded by my family, it was the only bottle of wine served with dinner and I enjoyed each and every sip. I read that the grape yields for this garnacha wine of Spain were less than expected, due to little rain and hot temperatures. Fortunately, the weather cooled right before harvest and the outcome is delightfully delicious! I would highly recommend a bottle of this Las Rocas Garnacha, made from grapes picked from 30-50 year old vines in Calatayud with mingled flavors of dark cherry and blackberry.

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