Turning Leaf wines: Low priced, yet flavorful


Turning Leaf Chardonnay

Without being pretentious, Turning Leaf wines score for spring sipping and affordability. Although each of the four bottles I tasted were priced at $7.99, the guess was about $15 a bottle when put to the test.

Take, for instance, the Turning Leaf Merlot, with its earthy tones and hint of mocha — great to pair with a BBQ. Its texture is smooth and creamy, and this is a well-balanced wine with a complex, good tannin structure. There is no vintage on the bottle, so assume this wine, and in fact, all of the four I tasted, are a blend of fine years gone by.

Easy and inviting, Turning Leaf Chardonnay is perfect to pair with Brie cheese and apples, or grilled pork chops with ginger pear glaze. This wine offers a moderate finish, and its a bottle to use as an everyday pick that you don’t have to contemplate opening. Just do it and enjoy it.

Now, about the reds. Turning Leaf Pinot Noir is simple, and expressively boysenberry and pomegranate, with a hint of cooking spice. Open a bottle with a homemade pizza or roasted portabella mushrooms – perhaps sushi would work best. You decide.

Finally, the Turning Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon proves a wine doesn’t have to sit in oak for months to be good. The grapes speak for themselves in this jammy, meaty wine that works best with a good grilled rib-eye steak or prime rib — both with potatoes.

Perception is everything, and these wines with the simplistic labels and winemaking process prove that it’s all about the grapes. Visit www.TurningLeaf.com for more information.

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